• A smiling female construction manager on a construction site.

Is Construction Management a Good Career For Women?

March 6, 2024|

In recent years, women have continued to break down barriers across every industry. One notable success story is the increasing presence of women in construction management, a field that began witnessing a surge of ...

  • A college student takes notes in her notebook while engaging in an online lecture on her laptop.

Tips for Note-Taking in Online Learning

September 26, 2023|

Effective note-taking is an essential skill for online college students. Various methods enhance learning, retention, and topic engagement.

  • A sustainable business concept image of a hand holding a crystal globe with “ESG” against a blurred green background

MBA: Leading a Sustainable Business

April 5, 2023|

Sustainable business requires savvy business professionals able to navigate the triple bottom line. Earn an online MBA at NMU Global Campus.

  • A nonprofit executive director sits on her desk while smiling at the camera

Alternative Careers with an MBA

March 17, 2023|

Alternative MBA careers include those in government, nonprofits, and entrepreneurship. Earn an MBA online at NMU Global Campus.

  • A molecular diagnostics technician wearing a protective suit, gloves, and glasses examines patient swaps.

What is Clinical Molecular Diagnostics?

October 10, 2022|

Molecular diagnostics examine the structure and function of cells, helping to diagnose and treat illness. Study molecular diagnostics online.

  • Female construction manager studies work site

Women in Construction Management

August 24, 2022|

Women continue to fight the battle to earn pay equal to their male counterparts and to break into fields once dominated by men. One of the areas that has become a clear success story ...

  • female student studies online and reads notes at her desk

What is Applied Workplace Leadership?

August 23, 2022|

Working adults who enroll in an online bachelor completion program often do so to move up the corporate ladder and into management. Degree programs that focus on applied workplace leadership skills can open the ...

  • A smiling college student stands outside campus holding his books and a backpack.

What Should I Go Back to School For?

August 17, 2022|

An undeclared major allows students an opportunity to explore different career paths. NMU Global Campus helps students find the right degree.

  • MBA graduate smiles at the conference table during a work meeting

Should I Get an MBA at Northern Michigan University Global Campus?

August 11, 2022|

An MBA appears on the resume of C-suite executives in businesses across every industry. It’s a proven path to developing the business skills and knowledge professionals need to accelerate their careers and move up the ...

  • A hospital nurse comforts a patient awaiting surgery

Complete Your RN to BSN Online

February 10, 2022|

Earning an RN to BSN online leads to the best nursing jobs. Advance your nursing career with an online RN to BSN degree at NMU Global Campus.

  • NMU construction management student working in on a construction site.

Construction Management Career Path

December 21, 2021|

A construction management career path offers construction professionals opportunities to work on shaping and improving the built environment.

  • An NMU Global Campus Student studies with headphones on in her living room.

Going Back to School in Your 30s

December 10, 2021|

Going back to school in your 30s is easier than you think. Finish college and enjoy the many benefits of earning a degree online at NMU.

  • Woman walking out of a retail store after making a purchase

What Does a Loss Prevention Manager Do?

December 8, 2021|

A loss prevention manager does more than stop shoplifting. A career in loss prevention management protects assets, minimizes losses, and reduces retail crime.

  • An NMU online student sits at a desk with a cup of coffee writing an email after learning how to write a professional email.

Effective Email Communication Tips

September 17, 2021|

Email Communication Tips Writing an effective email doesn't have to be a mystery. Even though the lines between professional and informal emails are easily blurred, it is important to train yourself to choose the appropriate ...

  • An adult student listens to a lecture on her laptop while taking notes.

Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

September 13, 2021|

Finishing a bachelor’s degree online can quickly boost a graduate’s career, leading to higher pay and a better chance at promotions. For those with some college credits but no degree, online programs make it more ...

Math Placement Test

March 5, 2021|

Although NMU does require math competency as a graduation requirement for all bachelor's degree-seeking students, your academic history will determine whether or not you'll need to take a placement test. All students must take ...

  • A Northern Michigan University sign on a snowy day.

Pre-Admission Plan of Study

February 19, 2021|

Whether you have prior NMU credit or are transferring college-level credit from a different institution (or many for that matter), you can receive an unofficial degree evaluation from the NMU Global Campus before you ...

Choose Happiness

January 22, 2021|

Let's make a pact to start the semester off on a positive note. 2021 is a blank slate and the first week of a new semester is a chance to refocus. Sometimes it's hard to ...

Something Worth Celebrating

November 27, 2020|

2020 has had it's share of challenges, but not more than could keep Wildcats from reaching their goals of earning a degree. NMU celebrates all the graduates of 2020 next Sunday, December 6 in a ...

  • Image of a two-faced person showing the complexities of mental health.

Imposter Syndrome in Students

November 13, 2020|

Imposter syndrome or the imposter phenomenon reflects a belief that you’re incompetent or incapable despite demonstrating skills and abilities that prove otherwise. Sound familiar? Returning to college after several years away from the textbook grind ...

Self-Care = Less Burnout

October 16, 2020|

Self-care is your best weapon against burnout. Mind your mental and physical fitness throughout each semester. The more you're in tune with how your emotions and body react to stress, the better you'll be able ...

  • An NMU global campus student looks stressed before reading the mid-semester slump tips.

Mid Semester Slump: How to Avoid It

October 2, 2020|

How to Finish a Semester Strong It's halfway through the semester, which means you're likely balancing your remaining work for this semester and trying to squeeze in time with friends and family. How do you ...

  • A white outline of a brain on a red background with message and phone call icons surrounding it. The text reads "Health Advocate After-Hours Crisis Counseling" and "A free service for students of Northern Michigan University."

After-Hours Crisis Counseling

September 11, 2020|

Northern Michigan University has partnered with Health Advocate™ to offer students online crisis counseling services outside of traditional business hours. Counseling topics include, but are not limited to, suicide prevention, domestic violence awareness, mindfulness, ...

  • A successful NMU global campus student writes in her planner after reading her college advice.

How to Succeed in College

August 21, 2020|

'Get a planner.' To some, this sounds good in a moment of chaos and might even creep toward inspiring for a split second, but often it falls flat. Along with several other phrases that can ...

  • An NMU student sitting at a table with their laptop holds a coffee mug with a scone and milk on the table, getting ready to do their Online Course Preparation Tutorial for Students.

Online Course Preparation Tutorial

July 31, 2020|

All students enrolled in an online course with NMU for the first time are required to complete the Online Course Preparation Tutorial for Students. You'll become an expert at navigating NMU's online classroom environment, ...

  • Birds-eye view of hands typing on laptops. Learn more about tips for online learning success.

Tips for Online Learning Success

July 24, 2020|

Being an online student doesn't mean your connection to the university is any less significant. In fact, many students of the Global Campus start forging meaningful relationships with staff and faculty well before their ...

  • NMU Global Campus students smiling at graduation wearing academic regalia

Planning for Graduation

July 17, 2020|

Whether you're heading into your final semester or you are just getting started, you have the same end goal - graduation. Here are some FAQs we get from students who are planning for graduation: ...

  • Woman in a blue shirt studying at a desk over an open spriral-ringed notebook, pen in hand with headphones in

5 Reasons to Finish Your Degree

July 10, 2020|

Adult learners often return to school to finish a degree they started years before. If you're considering returning, check out these five reasons to finish your degree: 1. Career Advancement Regardless of work history and ...

  • Man walking into NMU's Barne's & Noble Bookstore

Ordering Textbooks Online

July 4, 2020|

After you've registered for courses there are a few additional steps that will need to be completed prior to the first day of the semester: pay tuition bill and/or set-up a payment plan, complete ...

  • An NMU Global Campus online student with glasses wearing a mustard yellow sweater is lying on the floor with her Golden Retriever puppy while studying.

How to Identify Course Formats

June 12, 2020|

Online, Hybrid, or Face-to-Face Starting a course search can be overwhelming. In a previous post, we reviewed how to optimize your course search, but it is also important to know how to interpret the results ...

No Deadlines, No Problem

June 5, 2020| It takes about 10 minutes to submit an application for admission - 0.1% of a week. Whether you've been planning for years or commit at the last minute, our rolling admission enables students to ...

  • Someone typing on a computer with a cup of coffee, a succulent, and a pen next to their computer.

Course Date Ranges Explained

May 29, 2020|

Academic calendars and deadlines are provided by the NMU Registrar’s Office to help keep students on top of what is coming up in the fall, winter, and summer semesters. Be sure to pay special ...

  • online learning success comes with practice and determination.

Online Learning Success Tips

May 8, 2020|

Whether you're taking a single course or working toward a degree, we put together a list of tips for online learning success. Keep these tips in mind, focus on your ultimate goal, and remember why ...

  • A calendar, a notebook with a pen, an NMU agenda, wireless earbuds, and a plant represent searching for NMU courses.

Course Search Optimization

May 1, 2020|

To begin your course search, start at You will be prompted to log into your MyNMU account. To view the full course offerings, select the "Course Search" tile highlighted in the picture below: ...

  • A close-up of someone holding a pen to a textbook as they study for a final exam at NMU.

Exam Week Study Tips

April 23, 2020|

Final exams aren't just any test. They are the culmination of a semester's learning and usually a significant percentage of your overall grade. Whether you're looking to improve your grade or keep a 4.0, ...

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