Careers for women in Michigan and across the country increasingly involve making strides in traditionally male-dominated fields. While men have historically dominated sectors like construction management and business leadership, women are making significant inroads and leaving an indelible mark on these industries.

It’s an important shift, not only in terms of careers for women in Michigan but also for the companies that employ them. Studies have shown that women in management and leadership positions positively impact organizations that employ them, including helping them attract and retain top talent.

Many women who already hold positions in the workforce have turned to high-quality online degree programs to prepare for advancement in their current careers or transitioning into another one.

The Importance of Women in Leadership

According to a report from The Rockefeller Foundation, more than 70% of American workers think having more women in leadership positions would positively impact their organization’s success. This includes the fact that having a diverse workforce is important for many of today’s most talented job seekers.

Female leaders have made significant steps in narrowing the gender gap in the workplace, yet they continue to encounter heightened scrutiny compared to their male counterparts, particularly in management roles. However, there is a noticeable trend of women pursuing positions that align with their skills and interests, including managerial roles. This decision benefits them individually and contributes positively to their organizations.

The HR Digest offers extensive strategies for women to enhance workplace environments. These include recognizing the attributes commonly associated with women leaders, such as effective communication, empathy, and inclusivity. Women leaders are also noted for their adeptness in motivation, mentoring, and multitasking, often demonstrating a stronger commitment to achieving work-life balance.

Research on Women in Leadership

Research consistently highlights the advantages of having women in leadership positions. Forbes recently compiled findings from various studies, revealing compelling insights. For instance, companies with a minimum of 30% female representation in leadership positions were found to be 12 times more likely to rank among the top 20% of financially successful companies.

A study conducted by the Leadership Circle shed light on the distinct qualities of male and female leaders. Their research indicated that women leaders tend to operate more creatively and less reactive than their male counterparts. Additionally, women excel in areas such as fostering meaningful connections, nurturing and developing others, and demonstrating a genuine concern for the community.

Women also serve as crucial role models and catalysts for driving change in the workplace. By challenging and dismantling gender stereotypes, they pave the way for a more equitable work environment. Advocating for gender equality, fair compensation, and a healthy work-life balance, women leaders contribute to both organizational and societal transformation. Equally significant is their role in inspiring and empowering other women, fostering a sense of confidence and ambition to overcome societal barriers and pursue their aspirations.

Two Careers for Women: Construction Management and Business Leadership

Construction management involves overseeing construction projects from conception to completion, ensuring they are completed safely, on time, and within budget. Men have dominated the field but increasingly attract women.

One key reason why construction management is an attractive career for women is the growing demand for professionals in this field. With infrastructure projects on the rise globally and a shortage of skilled workers, there are many opportunities for women to carve out successful careers in construction management. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects almost 39,000 jobs for construction managers yearly over the next decade in the U.S. alone.

Breaking into construction management as a woman comes with challenges. Gender bias, stereotypes, and a lack of female representation at higher levels are barriers to entry. However, women who persevere and demonstrate competence, leadership skills, and industry knowledge can thrive.

Business leadership encompasses various roles, from CEOs and executives to entrepreneurs and managers. While women have historically been underrepresented in leadership positions, there’s growing recognition of their value in driving organizational success.

Despite progress, women still face barriers to business leadership, including unconscious bias, limited access to mentorship and networking opportunities, and work-life balance challenges. However, women with the requisite skills, resilience, and determination can overcome these obstacles and thrive in leadership positions.

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