Today’s college students enjoy the benefits of online classes that allow them to attend school from wherever they are and on their schedule. Advanced technology provides students access to professors, course materials, and classroom peers. Online students can also view lectures and other materials at their convenience.

The benefits of online classes are a game-changer for adult students who often must balance the time and effort of study with professional and family responsibilities. Higher education leaders understand the need to offer flexible online degree programs in today’s evolving educational landscape.

More schools than ever realize that “properly planned online platforms will allow them to better serve all students, including non-traditional learners,” according to U.S. News & World Report.

NMU Global Campus offers various online bachelor’s, associate, and graduate degree programs for working professionals. The university uses the advanced NMU EduCat learning management system, offering students the highest quality educational experience. NMU also provides concierge services to make students’ online experience positive.

How Adult Learners Benefit From Flexible Online Degrees

Maintaining their careers while furthering their education is challenging for adult learners. There are several reasons why they turn to online degree programs. Among them are flexibility, the variety of course offerings, the ability to apply what they learn immediately on the job, networking opportunities, and avoiding commutes and housing fees.

Time Flexibility

Flexible online programs with a rolling admissions schedule help professionals fit schoolwork into their lives. Also, students can address classwork during a set time each day of their choosing or do it in small chunks between other obligations.


As distance learning technology evolves, colleges and universities have expanded their online degree program offerings. NMU Global Campus offers online bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees in multiple fields within business, criminal justice, management and leadership, healthcare, and more. They also offer graduate programs that include a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts in Education, Clinical Molecular Diagnostics, Master of Public Administration (MPA), Education Specialist (Ed.S.), and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) (MSN, DNP).

Immediate Real-World Application

Online degree programs allow students to continue working and go to school simultaneously. One of the benefits of this is that students can immediately apply what they learn to their current job rather than waiting until after graduation. Real-world application reinforces learning.

Reduced Cost

The cost of campus housing and the time spent driving to and from campus can prove a barrier for many adult learners. Eliminating both is an enormous advantage of online education.


Online programs allow students to tap into a global network of classmates and working professionals. Students can foster relationships and build business contacts that help them throughout their careers.

The best online programs also address students’ concerns by providing personalized support through student services offered remotely. For example, NMU Global Campus connects each student with an advisor that helps to guide them throughout their time at the university. Student support includes connecting them with financial aid options and helping them choose the courses required to stay on target for on-time graduation.

Online Degree Programs Offered by NMU

NMU Global Campus offers a broad range of online degree programs at bachelor and associate degree levels and certificate programs. The university offers strong academic and career support for online students and has developed a well-earned reputation as a leader in learning technology applications and access.

NMU Global Campus provides students with the resources required for the school’s online learning systems and multiple communication channels with professors and fellow students. The university also offers laptop rentals.

Students take courses through the NMU EduCat course management system. They also benefit from access to the expanding EAN broadcast network.

For non-traditional students, including adult learners, the systems designed by NMU can make online learning better than in-person classes because it gives them the flexibility they need to earn a degree while working a job.