Your engagement with the university should not be minimized because you are an online student. Many Global Campus students work with staff and faculty long before they are admitted and have an opportunity to build relationships that can last beyond graduation. Below are some tips to help you engage with NMU as an online student in any of our online degree programs.

Utitlize University Tools

Your NMU email is the official communication for all university business. It’s best to start using that account after you’ve completed orientation up until the time you’ve completed so that you don’t miss out on any important information from the university.

Be Open to Online Communication

We know that email is a convenient mode of online communication. Sometimes you have a quick, simple question that justifies an email; however, phone and video calls are often more effective interactions for complicated questions. Whenever possible, set-up appointments to call or meet virtually with your professors or adviser. This allows them time to prepare more detailed clarification and specific guidance.

Ask Questions

Whenever you have a question about a course you’re taking, contact your professor as soon as possible. The first few times, it can be intimidating to email or call a faculty member, but they welcome questions and appreciate students who take a proactive approach to their studies.

What if your question isn’t about a class? Your academic or Global Campus adviser is a great resource to connect you to broader resources at the university. They can either help answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate person on campus. The earlier you can establish a relationship with your advisers, the easier it will be to ask for help.

Ask for Clarification

What if you have questions about grades or feedback on assignments? Contact your online professor right away. Faculty are here to help and support you; they want to communicate with you. Keep in mind, the tone can be difficult to appropriately convey via email, and some conversations are best suited for a phone conversation. The best solution might be to start with an email to address the issue and request an appointment to speak on the phone or via Zoom.

These tips for engagement will also benefit you throughout your professional career. When you graduate, you can leverage your online experience to showcase your effective communication skills in the ever-changing working world. Employers today are realizing that working from home doesn’t need to be a temporary solution and are offering remote work options as permanent solutions. Completing a degree online and honing those communication skills can be a great foundation and preparation for working in a remote position. Check out our tips for managing work and school in the home.