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Northern Michigan University’s loss prevention management program was designed to provide a flexible virtual learning experience taught by professionals in the field who facilitate the development of a strong professional network.

Whether you are already working in loss prevention and want to build your skills or you are just ready to prepare for a new career, our bachelor’s degree in loss prevention management will help you achieve those goals.

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Learn More About NMU’s Bachelor’s Degree in Loss Prevention

What will you learn in NMU’s loss prevention management program?

As a student in Northern’s LPM program you’ll learn practical skills that you can put to use right away and leadership skills that will help you level up your career.

  • Application and analysis
  • Building strong communication and relationship skills
  • Classic and contemporary management skills

  • Impact of employee theft

  • Principles of retail accounting and inventory shrink

  • Additional courses offer skills in authentication, risk and crisis management, criminal procedure, and more.

How much does an online bachelor’s degree in loss prevention management cost at NMU?

Northern Michigan University is the second lowest tuition of Michigan’s public universities. Tuition and fees can be found here. Talk to a financial aid representative about how you can apply for financial aid including eligibility-based grants and loans. Contact: (906) 277-2327 or fao@nmu.edu.

Loss Prevention Management Careers

Graduates of the online bachelor’s degree in loss prevention management will be prepared for careers in a variety of settings. Loss prevention managers work in a variety of industries. According to recruiter.com, the best paying industries for loss prevention are:

  • Professional, scientific, or technical services
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing

Loss Prevention Manager

Median Salary in the U.S


Loss Prevention Investigator

Median Salary in the U.S.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements differ depending on the status of the applicant (first-year student, transfer, etc.) and the level of academic program.

First-year/Freshman Applicants:

  • Applicants with a cumulative high school GPA of 2.25 or higher (4.0 scale) and documented high school graduation or GED/equivalency completion will be admitted to NMU.
  • Applicants with a cumulative high school GPA less than 2.25 will need additional review and may be either regularly admitted to the university, conditionally admitted, or admitted with restriction to a specific program.
  • Some academic departments may have additional requirements for admission to specific programs.

Transfer Students

  • Transfer applicants will be admitted if they have achieved a cumulative college GPA of 2.00 or higher in college-level courses taken at all post-secondary institutions attended after high school and are eligible to return to the last institution attended.
  • Transfer applicants with fewer than 12 semester credit hours (or 18 quarter hours) of college-level coursework after high school graduation will be reviewed based on both high school and college performance.
Total Credits Required for Degree
General Education
Required Core Courses for Degree
Loss Prevention Core
LPM 101Principles of Asset Protection

This course introduces the loss prevention degree program. It offers an overview of the retail loss prevention field, covering fundamentals of loss prevention. This includes theories and concepts, essential terminology and current critical issues. The course also explores the organizational aspects of loss prevention, including its goals, missions, objectives, functions, operations, and roles.

LPM 190Communications in Loss Prevention

This course introduces all facets of loss prevention communications, emphasizing the development of both oral communication and written communication skills essential for fostering strong professional relationships within a corporate communications setting.

LPM 276Loss Prevention Management and Human Resources

This course examines retail loss prevention management and the role of loss prevention managers. It addresses the integration of loss prevention within the corporate management framework, exploring both classic and contemporary management theories. The course covers the fundamental roles and functions of loss prevention managers and supervisors and is designed to aid individuals currently in or aspiring to management positions in developing practical loss prevention strategies for a retail environment.

LPM 290Retail Accounting and Inventory Control

An introduction to principles of retail accounting, inventory shrink and loss prevention inventory control for loss prevention professionals.

LPM 351Loss Prevention Data Analysis

This course covers the fundamentals of analysis and application of analytics in retail loss prevention. It emphasizes the basics of analytical methods, providing loss prevention professionals with the skills to evaluate the validity of data analysis research within their field. The course also introduces essential data analysis tools, such as Excel spreadsheets.

LPM 390Principles of Retail Investigations

This course examines the extent and consequences of employee theft in the retail industry. It covers specific investigative techniques for handling cases of cash theft, under-ringing, refund fraud and credit fraud. Additionally, the course includes methods for conducting victim and witness interviews and crafting concise, detailed loss prevention investigation reports.


Choose from the following. At least 8 credits must be at the 300 level or above.

Total Electives for Degree16
ACT 230 Principles of Accounting I4
ACT 240 Principles of Accounting II4
CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice4
CJ 465 Problem Solving in Criminal Justice4
CJ 470 Liability Law in Criminal Justice4
LPM 295 Special Topics in Loss Prevention1 – 4
LPM 342 Legal Aspects of Loss Prevention

An overview of the legal matters and concerns related to loss prevention management. This includes criminal procedure in corporate investigations, civil rights and fair employment rules, civil liability, contract considerations, as well as regulatory agency requirements. Relevant case studies and examples form the basis for critical review and discussion.

LPM 391 Biometrics in Loss Prevention

This course provides an overview of identity theft and various methods of identity authentication, including fingerprints, DNA, signature verification, facial recognition, iris and retina scans, voice recognition and thermograms. Students discuss trends, issues and challenges in identity verification, as well as system vulnerabilities.

LPM 430 Loss Prevention Risk and Crisis Management

This course covers basic risk management and basic crisis management in business within the context of loss prevention. It emphasizes current principles and practices in crisis management.

LPM 495 Special Topics in Loss Prevention1 – 4
LPM 498 Directed Study in Loss Prevention1 – 4
Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, or Sociology recommended.
Total Credits120 credits
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