Earning a college degree gives professionals an edge when applying for a job or promotion. By expanding their skills and knowledge, they are also better prepared to meet professional challenges. Even so, for a variety of reasons, many people who start with the goal of earning a college degree don’t follow through.

However, online programs designed for working adults make the decision of returning to school easier than ever. At NMU Global Campus, students have an additional reason to go back to school: they can enroll in college with an undeclared major.

An undeclared major takes the pressure off deciding a career focus immediately. It also allows students to decide their major as they go through general education courses, learning about the topics that most interest them.

NMU Global Campus supports students with an undeclared major through various programs and resources. Career Services assists students as they research career paths and related courses. The Global Campus staff will work with you to find the most appropriate and helpful resources.

Why Choose to Have an Undeclared Major?

Students fresh out of high school and working adults can choose to have an undeclared major. It’s not only acceptable but also encouraged for some students. Working adults, for example, may go back to school to earn a degree because they feel unsatisfied with their current line of work. Going in with an undeclared major allows them time to find a major and a related career that sparks an interest in them.

First-time and returning college students have a wealth of majors to choose from at NMU. The university offers 180-degree programs on campus. Many undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available online.

According to Thought Co, many schools are strict about students declaring a major when enrolling. However, NMU believes that some students need time to decide what career suits them best. After all, it’s one of the most significant decisions a person will make, influencing the rest of their lives.

As Thought Co noted: “Being an undeclared major doesn’t have to indicate you aren’t really interested in anything; it can actually indicate that you’re interested in a lot of things and want to be deliberate about making your choice.”

How to Know if a Major is Right For You

NMU Global Campus provides resources to help students eventually decide on a major (most do it by the end of their third semester). Part of that support involves helping students focus on key issues as they consider their options. U.S. News publishes a helpful list of things to consider when choosing a major:

Find a passion. People typically spend about 40 years in the workforce. It’s essential to choose a major and a related career field that will sustain interest over the decades.

Listen to career advice. While input from parents and friends is welcome, students receive the most informative advice from experienced professionals and objective career development sources, such as NMU Global Campus staff.

Understand the needed level of education. Some career fields allow you to advance far on a bachelor’s degree. Others require earning a master’s degree. Have a clear idea about the educational requirements before declaring a major.

Consider a STEM field. The demand remains strong for professionals with an education in STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and math. U.S. News reported that all ten jobs with the highest starting salaries are in STEM fields.

Know the salaries. Research the salaries for careers that people in a specific major typically enter. While money is not the only motivating factor in choosing a career, it’s important to set accurate salary expectations.

Online Education at NMU Global Campus

NMU Global Campus offers a large selection of undergraduate programs for working adults after they have enrolled with an undeclared major. They include:

  • Applied Science in Management (Bachelor of Applied Science)
  • Applied Workplace Leadership
  • Clinical Lab Sciences/Laboratory Medicine (MLT-MLS)
  • Construction Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Native American Studies
  • Psychology
  • RN to BSN
  • Ski Area Business Management

Online programs allow adult students the flexibility to earn an undergraduate degree while working a full-time job and managing personal responsibilities. Some programs offer students the opportunity to enroll in a hybrid curriculum that combines online and on-campus classes. NMU Global Campus also has a generous credit transfer policy.

NMU is a military-friendly school. The university has been awarded for doing the most to embrace military students and dedicating resources to ensure their successful transition from the Armed Forces to the college classroom, as well as support in job placement after graduation.