Adult learners often return to school to finish a degree they started years before. If you’re considering returning, check out these five reasons to finish your degree:

1. Career Advancement

Regardless of work history and employment experience, lacking a college degree can often be a barrier to advancement. You may like what you’re doing and love the company you work for but it is usually expected that employees supplement their experience with education to move up. Employers understand the value of a degree as well and often are willing to help employees defray the cost of that degree in order to retain strong employees.

2. Graduate School

Some adult learners have had successful careers but want to finish their bachelor’s degree to be eligible to apply for graduate school. Whether it’s for gaining additional knowledge for your professional toolbox or for advancement, continuing your education with the goal of completing a master’s level program can lead to big returns.

3. Change of Career

Many adults who go back to school realize their interests when they were 18 years old have changed later in life. New industries develop and opportunities arise. To become competitive in a new market, returning students often look for different academic programs of study that better align with their goals. Because adult learners are more aware of varying career opportunities, returning to school to meet the requirements for entry into a new field becomes more commonplace.

4. Set an Example

Even adult learners in a fulfilling career, that doesn’t require a degree, feel satisfaction and pride when returning to complete their education. Often, an adult learner’s motivation to return to school is to set an example for their family and children that determination, discipline, and hard work has rewards. Parental examples can also be a motivating factor in whether or not children decide to attend post-secondary education.

5. Fulfill a Goal

Life happens. Money gets tight, work gets busy, or maybe a few bad semesters in college in your twenties had you discouraged. Whatever the reason for taking a break from school, most students don’t realize how much of their prior credit could be applicable to a new major. Imagine the satisfaction of walking across the stage at graduation and knowing you fulfilled a goal set long ago.

Whether you need to complete one class or ten, a bachelor’s or master’s, it is never too late to return to school. If you haven’t already, review the full list of degree programs that can be completed through NMU’s Global Campus. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to us at or 906-227-1200. We will review all prior credit, walk you through the enrollment steps, and help you create a path to completion.