Having trouble in an online course? We offer several tutoring services for Global Campus students. The Olson Library provides services to support distance education courses and programs including online tutoring through the Writing Center. Global Campus also has a partnership with Pear Deck to allow instant online tutoring.

Pear Deck allows you to connect with a live tutor in minutes for over 300 subjects. Additionally, you can submit a paper on Pear Deck’s Writing Lab and receive detailed feedback in less than 12 hours. Connect with a live tutor using video and/or audio. Sessions can last anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours.

Whether you need help solving for “x” or step-by-step instructions on APA citation – there is a tutor waiting to help you. Tutoring sessions are limited to 2 hours each and a total of 6 hours per week.

How to Access Pear Deck:

Active students can find Pear Deck in Global Campus Tutoring Services within their EduCat dashboard:

Just click the Pear Deck link and you will be automatically signed into Pear Deck with full access:

You’ll be automatically signed in. You can then “Connect with a Live Tutor” or “Writing Lab: Get Writing Help”: