Few jobs can positively impact people, their families, and entire communities. Social work provides that opportunity for those earning a graduate degree in this increasingly important field.

The number of social workers continues to grow. Federal data reports more than 700,000 social workers in the United States, with an expected 9% increase in the coming decade.

While a bachelor’s degree allows entry into the field, a Master of Social Work (MSW) paves the way for clinical work. The online MSW from NMU Global Campus prepares graduates for leadership in social work, including working as a social and community manager.

What Do You Learn in an Online MSW Program?

The NMU Global Campus online MSW program takes a holistic approach to preparing graduates for success in social work. The program concentrates on the key elements of social work, including service to others, social justice, and human rights. It also emphasizes the dignity, worth, and well-being of every person, family, organization, and community.

Students in the online MSW program receive comprehensive preparation for an advanced career and the flexibility to choose between two distinct areas of study: Clinical or Advanced Generalist.

The program encompasses a range of learning areas. The Advanced Foundation Courses cover essential areas like Clinical Methods, Indirect Practice Methods, Research Methods, and Human Rights.

The Clinical concentration topics include clinical methods focusing on individuals or families and groups, psychopathology, and evaluation methods. In the Advanced Generalist concentration, students explore clinical techniques involving individuals or families and groups, policy and program planning, and community organizing.

The program offers elective courses tailored to advanced and regular-standing students, allowing them to select from various subjects that align with their career goals. Students complement coursework by engaging in field placement courses, providing invaluable hands-on experience.

Aspiring social workers can launch their careers by earning a Bachelor of Social Work.

Why Choose A Career in Social Work?

Earning a Master of Social Work degree is critical for those motivated to advance their career. An online MSW program offers a range of benefits that attract people with a passion for positively impacting others.

One of the most significant benefits is the specialized knowledge and skills students learn in an MSW program. They gain in-depth knowledge and training in various areas, including clinical practice, policy analysis, and research methods.

Earning an MSW can also lead to leadership and administrative roles in various organizations, including social service organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Graduates are prepared to manage programs, develop policies, and lead teams to create meaningful change on a larger scale.

Some online MSW graduates can influence social policies by participating in advocacy efforts and working with policymakers. They leverage their understanding of social issues to drive change and advocate for more equitable and just systems.

Perhaps most importantly of all, earning an MSW provides personal fulfillment. People are drawn to social work due to a strong desire to positively impact society and people in need. An MSW delivers the knowledge and tools to turn this desire into a fulfilling career that contributes to the well-being of others.

High Demand for Social Workers

In addition to projecting a 10% increase in social worker jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates about 74,700 openings for social workers each year on average in the coming decade. This includes new job openings and replacing workers who transfer to different occupations or retire.

According to Forbes, governments at all levels are hiring social workers to help them deal with issues like homelessness, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and mental health counseling. They also hope that social workers can help rebuild trust with government officials that may have been lost during the protests that started in 2020.

Social workers with an MSW tend to earn higher salaries than those with a bachelor’s degree in social work. The advanced education and skills acquired during an MSW program make graduates more valuable and marketable in the job market.

Professionals with an MSW can also find more job opportunities, including specialized roles in healthcare, education, substance abuse treatment, child welfare, and gerontology.

Rapid growth in the healthcare industry has led to increasing demand for qualified healthcare professionals, including those with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as medical laboratory professionals. Students can take the next step toward entering this exciting profession by enrolling in an MLT to MLS program. Learn more about NMU’s admission requirements and apply today.