Many working adults opt for online bachelor completion programs to enhance their careers, aiming to acquire the necessary education for transitioning into management roles. Programs centered on applied workplace leadership cater to these aspirations, enabling graduates to advance their professional trajectory.

A Bachelor of Science in Applied Workplace Leadership teaches students how to effectively lead, motivate, and nurture teams, fostering cohesion to attain shared objectives. Becoming a successful leader in the modern workplace involves understanding leadership concepts and honing so-called “soft skills” such as communication, critical thinking, active listening, decision-making, and empathy.

In the past, finding time to learn such skills could prove difficult for working adults. However, for non-traditional students juggling work and studies, an online bachelor completion program emphasizing applied workplace leadership offers the flexibility to balance education with existing professional and personal commitments.

What Is Applied Workplace Leadership?

Applied Workplace Leadership is a specialized field of study that focuses on developing the practical skills and knowledge needed to lead effectively in various organizational settings.

Unlike traditional leadership programs, which may be more theoretical, Applied Workplace Leadership programs emphasize real-world application. They equip students with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving workplaces.

Graduates from an online bachelor’s degree completion program focusing on applied workplace leadership prepare themselves for success as managers in their current industry or as job seekers looking to transition into something new. They learn essential skills such as instilling enthusiasm and a sense of purpose in others, fostering ethical behavior, creating an innovative and diverse workplace culture, and properly setting and assessing employee expectations and goals.

What Can You Do with an Applied Workplace Leadership Degree?

One of the most obvious paths for graduates from a BS in Applied Workplace Leadership program is to pursue leadership roles within organizations. Whether as team leaders, department managers, or executives, graduates are well-equipped to lead teams, drive strategy, and achieve organizational goals.

Graduates with a deep understanding of leadership principles and organizational dynamics are well-suited for human resources roles. Whether in recruitment, training and development, or organizational development, Applied Workplace Leadership graduates can play a crucial role in shaping workplace culture and driving employee engagement.

Armed with their expertise in leadership and organizational behavior, graduates may choose to embark on careers in consulting. As either independent consultants or as part of a consulting firm, they can help organizations tackle complex challenges, implement change initiatives, and drive performance improvement.

Another potential career path for Applied Workplace Leadership graduates is in training and development. Whether designing and delivering leadership development programs or conducting workshops on team dynamics and communication skills, graduates can significantly impact employee performance and organizational effectiveness.

Some graduates also choose to leverage their leadership skills to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Whether launching a startup or leading a small business, the principles of Applied Workplace Leadership are invaluable in building and leading successful organizations.

NMU Global Campus Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion

NMU Global campus designed its online bachelor’s degree completion programs for non-traditional students and returning adults who completed an associate degree in any field. The online BS in Applied Workplace Leadership offers a curriculum that gives graduates skills employers value. Courses include:

  • Effective Communication in the Workplace.
  • Ethical Leadership in the Workplace.
  • Assessment in the Workplace.
  • Leadership in Diverse Workplaces.
  • Systems Thinking in Workplace Leadership.

Returning adults who enroll in an online bachelor’s degree completion program at NMU Global Campus take an important step toward improving their career or preparing themselves to transition into a new one. A focus on leadership can make the benefits of earning a degree even greater.