The role of registered nurses (RNs) has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. As the industry emphasizes advanced education and specialization, many RNs pursue RN to BSN classes that lead to earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). These programs bridge the gap between associate-level nursing education and the baccalaureate level.

While RNs possess a strong foundation in patient care thanks to their associate’s degree, a BSN program builds upon that base. An online RN to BSN program equips nurses with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their profession while giving them the flexibility they need to earn a degree while working.

How RN to BSN Classes Improve a Nurse’s Skills

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) reports that RN to BSN programs equip nurses for a broader scope of practice through three key areas.

Strengthening clinical reasoning and analytical skills: BSN courses delve deeper into the “why” behind nursing practices. Students hone their critical thinking abilities, allowing them to analyze patient data, assess situations effectively, and make informed clinical decisions.

Promoting professional development: The curriculum emphasizes lifelong learning, a cornerstone of successful nursing careers. Students explore research methodology, understand how to critically evaluate new findings, and stay abreast of changes in healthcare.

Understanding the bigger picture: BSN programs explore the social determinants of health, explore healthcare policy and its impact on patient care, and emphasize cultural competency. This equips nurses to provide holistic care that considers a patient’s background and social environment.

The American Nurses Association also references studies that found patients have better outcomes and shorter hospital stays with more BSN nurses on staff. They also note that nurses may receive higher pay when they earn a BSN. Zip Recruiter reports that the average salary for a BSN nurse in Michigan is about $74,000.

Areas Where Nurses Improve Their Skills in RN to BSN Classes

RN to BSN classes dig deep into advanced nursing concepts, building upon the foundational knowledge acquired during associate degree programs. By mastering these advanced concepts, students enhance their clinical reasoning skills and develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of healthcare delivery. Some of the areas where BSN nursing students improve skills include the following.

Leadership and Management

Management courses provide nurses with the skills to excel in leadership roles. Students explore concepts like strategic planning, quality improvement, and effective communication. This course of study prepares them to take on supervisory positions, manage teams, and contribute to organizational success.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice

BSN programs introduce students to the fundamentals of nursing research. They learn to evaluate research findings critically, understand how research informs evidence-based practice, and potentially contribute to future research endeavors.

Public Health and Healthcare Policy

These courses explore the broader public health context in which nurses operate. Nurses gain insights into public health initiatives, healthcare policy, and the impact of social determinants on patient health. This knowledge allows them to advocate for their patients and contribute to population health improvement efforts.

Clinical Experiences

RN to BSN programs are not purely theoretical. Clinical placements are integral to the curriculum, allowing students to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in real-world healthcare settings. These placements may occur in hospitals, clinics, community health centers, or other healthcare facilities.

NMU Global Campus RN to BSN Program

NMU Global Campus offers an online RN to BSN program with unique features that make it a smart choice for nurses motivated to boost their careers with further education. The program focuses on leadership skills in courses taught by award-winning, experienced faculty members. It’s one of many high-quality online degree programs NMU Global Campus offers.

Students in the program have 24/7 access to course materials, lectures, and assignments. Nurses also have multiple paths to interact with faculty and classmates. They receive personalized support in all online programs. NMU Global Campus assigns each student an advisor who supports them throughout their academic journey.

The NMU Global Campus RN to BSN program emphasizes teaching nurses valuable, advanced skills. In addition to leadership, courses also cover implementing evidence-based practice, developing an understanding of nursing policy, honing management skills, and learning about population and global health concepts.