To begin your course search, start at We recommend you are not logged in and you use the prospective students and general public search. To view the full course offerings, see the highlighted “click here” link in the picture below:

 Screenshot of the MyNMU course offerings page

On the next screen, select the appropriate term and click submit (i.e. Summer 2020 or Fall 2020).

 Screenshot of how to select the appropriate NMU academic term

You should now have access to the NMU course offerings for the semester you selected:

Screenshot of NMU course offerings for the selected semester

In the image above, you can see the following highlighted sections: Subject, Course Number, and Campus. See important tips below for each of these when starting your course search.

Subject: You can select an individual subject, multiple, or all subjects. The single option is very simple – scroll through the full list and click a single subject. To “select all” click on the first subject, scroll to the end of the subjects, hold down shift and click the last subject. To select multiple subjects (but not all), you choose the first subject, hold down Ctrl, select additional subjects while continuing to hold down Ctrl.

Course Number: If you are looking for EN 111, you would select “English” as your subject and enter the “111” as the course number. If you do not enter a course number, all courses for the selected subject will appear in your search.

Campus: This section has four options: All, NMU Main Campus, Off-campus, and Web Course. To execute your search with only online courses, be sure to choose the Web Course option in this section. Here is an example of what you should see if you choose a subject of English, a course number of 111, and the Web Course campus option:

Screenshot of the NMU Class Schedule Listing

That’s it for the MyNMU search. We will highlight additional tips in future blog posts. For now, happy searching!