As the technology needs of companies continue to grow, the role of a technical manager becomes more critical. Technical managers provide practical support and valuable input using technology to achieve an organization’s strategic goals.

Those with technical management skills may work in various jobs, including technology product manager, commercial technology success manager, and technology enablement manager. A technical manager typically leads teams that focus on technology-related projects. They also oversee project budgets and may also manage a company’s computer and information systems.

Professionals can learn the technical management skills needed for success in this growing career by earning an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree program that prepares adult learners for managerial careers in technical fields.

What is a Technical Manager?

According to job site Zippia, the technical manager field offers graduates “one of the most in-demand professions that brings you high wages, varied job duties, job security, and an incredible opportunity to bridge the gap between technology and management.”

Technical managers work on project teams, performing much of the technical work. They also delegate tasks to team members and oversee their work. Technical managers use organizational and technical management skills in their job, working with teams, clients, and other stakeholders on high-value projects involving the latest technology available.

Glassdoor reports an average annual technical management salary of $150,167. Technical managers work in various industries, including telecommunications, automotive, entertainment, healthcare, financial services, media, education, retail, and software development.

Technical Management Skills

Proficiency in hard technical skills is required to work in the field. Technical managers typically have skills in information technology and computer science fields. They must also keep up-to-date with constantly evolving tech trends and innovations.

As team leaders and managers, soft skills are also a critical component of their skill set. These include:

  • Creativity. In a relatively new position, technical managers often have the freedom to explore ways to use their skills to benefit an organization.
  • Time management. This is a skill that all managers must master, especially those tasked with bringing in projects on time and within budget.
  • Communication. As with all leadership positions, communicating with peers, employees, clients, and the executive team helps technical managers perform better in their job.
  • Leadership. In addition to communication, technical managers should hone leadership skills to help their teams succeed.
  • Customer service. The best managers focus on the end-user of every product, eliminating actions that do not add value to the customer. In the case of technical management, this can involve people both inside and outside the organization.

The Applied Science in Management Degree From NMU Global Campus

The NMU Global Campus Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program allows students a seamless transition from an applied associate to a bachelor’s degree. The program offers adult learners and non-traditional students an opportunity to advance their careers. In addition, students learn the management and leadership skills valued by employees.

NMU designed the program for part-time or full-time workers with an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students typically complete the program in two to three years. NMU Global Campus also offers a generous transfer policy that allows students to transfer up to 90 credits into the program.

The curriculum includes courses in strategic management, small enterprise management, international business, financial management, organizational behavior and management, operations management, and managerial communication.

The NMU Global Campus program is the only Applied Science in Management program in Michigan designed for adult learners. For those aspiring to a technical manager career, the program offers a big step toward achieving their career goals.