2020 has had it’s share of challenges, but not more than could keep Wildcats from reaching their goals of earning a degree. NMU celebrates all the graduates of 2020 next Sunday, December 6 in a live virtual event. In preparation, some of the Global Campus graduates share thoughts on their big achievement:

“I have now completed my bachelor’s, master’s, and Education Specialist degrees at NMU. Northern’s online program provided me the flexibility I needed in order to get my graduate degrees while working full-time and raising my family. I would like to thank all the faculty and staff for making my experience at NMU one that I will cherish forever. Go Cats!”

Travis Depuydt
Education Specialist, Ed. S.
Hermansville, MI

“Receiving my bachelor’s degree in laboratory medicine will enable me to further my career and leadership goals. The ability to do this all online was very important for me. I needed to work full time and there were no programs in my area to continue my schooling. Thank you NMU for helping me reach my goals!”

Cassandra Hurtienne
Manitowoc, WI

“I am a first generation college student originally from Metro Detroit. I lived in Marquette and attended classes on campus for three years before moving to an online program, I am so thankful NMU offers a wide variety of programs allowing me to live where is best for my family and I while completing my degree! I struggled at first in the transition from in-person to online courses, but once I made myself a designated work zone and began keeping a calendar, I was able to be focused and am now in my final semester with the university!”

Michaela Broquet-Crider
Applied Workplace Leadership
Memphis, TN

“Being a mom to three littles (and one on the way!), a nurse and working three jobs, online classes at NMU was the perfect fit for me! Have had nothing but great experiences the whole program through with teachers and other students. So excited to finally be able to put those three letters after my name – BSN!!!”

Whitney Kuehl
Escanaba, MI

“Successfully completing my BSN through NMU is going to open up additional opportunities for me in the nursing field. I have always dreamed of becoming a travel nurse and this is just one step closer to fulfilling that dream. Being a single mom and working full-time, online studies have worked well for me. I was able to continue working while being able to study around my schedule. My family and friends have supported me from the start and continue to do so as I near the end of my journey. Because NMU is ranked #1 for the RN-BSN completion program, I would highly recommend it to any future students thinking about furthering their education. NMU was also very affordable and had all the resources needed to be a successful student. Personally, I would like to thank Katie Menard for all her assistance in helping me become a successful student. Go Wildcats!!!”

Heather Lewis
Gladstone, MI

“Northern Michigan University was phenomenal for my undergraduate education classes and they did not disappoint with their online master’s classes. Major thanks to the whole education department for opening my eyes to things I never would have known about. Thank you for all the experiences over the past 9 years!”

Joan Zyhowski
Educational Instruction
St. Germain, WI

“I started the BSN program after I was done having children. I knew the flexibility of schooling online worked best for me – I have two young children at home and work full time. Three months after starting school, I found out I was pregnant and would be having my third child. I had two options: drop out of school and wait until my baby was born and grown and start school again at that time, or continue on knowing I would be trying to manage a pregnancy, birthing a child, working full time and two other children. Here I am, two years later, graduation around the corner and a happy, healthy one-year-old baby girl watching me write this. It flew by! I would recommend NMU BSN program to all ADN nurses!”

Beth Spaulding
Escanaba, MI

“My name is Thunder Woman and I am Loon Clan from The Place of Gardens or The Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Watersmeet. I currently stay in Gwinn and also spent many years living and owning a business in Southwest Detroit. I earned my B.S. from NMU in ’07. I have two sons, T.C. and Evan, who are my biggest supporters and they are also current NMU students. Thank you to my Mom, Beverly for all of your support. She became a private pilot when I was 11 and I was blessed to be flying around with her – she is a unique role model. My eight-year-old dog, Chief, is also an incredible support. I have a small circle of friends, near and far that continually motivated me during these last three years of graduate school. My master’s degree is of great value to me and the Anishinaabek Nation because I have chosen to honor my ancestors’ education treaties. When I am in a leadership position, I would like to implement restorative justice in the schools, which is recognized by the Michigan Department of Education. Restorative justice originated with the Maori People of New Zealand and the First Nations Ojibwa of Canada. Initially, my principal internship was set up for me to travel abroad to New Zealand. However, COVID-19 had other plans. I began my Principal Internship with North Star Academy’s Principal / Superintendent Andrea Ballard this past semester. I appreciate Andrea for working with me during this pandemic. I chose to study online because it was convenient while I still lived in Southwest Detroit. In 2018, I moved to Marquette and began to work as a graduate research assistant for two years in the NMU School of Education, Leadership and Public Service. Chi Miigwech (Thank-you) Dr. Joe Lubig, Dr. Judith Punchocar and Dr. Bethany Bergh (my advisor). Some advice that I would give to any future prospective students and continuing students is to find a balance between school and maintaining a healthy you. We are fortunate, living on Anishinaabe Akiing, here in the woodlands on beautiful Lake Superior. I take walks and visit the lake all year round to stay grounded. Continue to be patient, think critically, ask questions and stay safe.”

Lisa Brunk
Education Administration and Supervision
Gwinn, MI

“My journey through nursing has been very unconventional. I started as a nurse’s aide and climbed the ladder from there to LPN, then RN, and now will have my BSN. My advice would be to take whatever path feels right and never give up because someday the sleepless nights and long clinic days will all come together and be so worth it.”

Traci Belair
Marquette, MI