People enroll in an online psychology degree program in Michigan for various compelling reasons. Some are drawn to the field because of an intrinsic curiosity about the complexities of the human mind and a desire to understand better what motivates and influences a person’s behavior. Others aspire to a profession where they positively impact people’s lives, envisioning careers in counseling, therapy, or social work.

No matter what draws people to psychology, an increasing number are deciding to earn their degree online. It’s an excellent option for those who already have jobs and want to earn a degree while they continue to work. Earning an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology offers that flexibility while giving graduates the foundational knowledge they need to launch a career.

Careers in psychology can include mental health counselors, market research analysts, social workers, training and development managers, substance abuse counselors, and correctional treatment specialists. Federal projections call for a 6% increase in psychologists over the next decade, with about 12,800 job openings annually. In Michigan, clinical and counseling psychologists made a median salary of $82,950 in May 2022.

Why Online Learning is Attractive to Working Professionals

Learning online offers advantages for adult learners, making it a popular and flexible option for continuing education and skill development. The immediate attraction is flexibility. Online learning allows adult students to schedule college courses around their work and personal schedule.

Adult learners can access online courses and resources from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for long commutes and making education more accessible. It’s also a cost-effective choice, saving students the cost of commuting and housing on or near the campus.

Online learning enables adult learners to acquire new skills and knowledge relevant to their careers. This can lead to career advancement, improved job prospects, or even a career change.

Qualities of an Excellent Online Psychology Degree Program

High-quality online psychology degree programs in Michigan and nationwide share some commonalities. Some include access, a learning community of like-minded people eager to learn, student support, and the ability to attend many course lectures asynchronously. They also enjoy access to online libraries and learning resources.

Prospective students should ensure an online psychology degree program has a rigorous curriculum that is accredited. Other factors that enhance an online program include a generous credit transfer policy for those with undergraduate credits, internship opportunities that help students see the theories they have learned put to practice, and a faculty with real-world experience in the field.

It’s also essential to review the curriculum and confirm it covers topics the student wants to learn.

For example, the NMU Global Campus online BS in Psychology covers research, developmental psychology, learning and cognition, brain and behavior, abnormal psychology, ethics that govern the psychology profession, and assessment of patients.

For individuals contemplating enrollment in an online psychology program, time management skills are essential. The ability to establish and adhere to a defined schedule is key, as success hinges on the capacity to stay on task and keep up with required readings. All online students need solid skills in working with technology.

NMU Global Campus BS in Psychology

The NMU Global Campus online BS in Psychology is one of many affordable online degree programs in Michigan offered online by NMU. The program focuses on preparing students for success in many different career areas that require the knowledge and skills of a professional psychologist. The 100% online program is designed for working adults who benefit from the flexibility and convenience online programs offer.

Students learn from experienced faculty. As with all online degree programs at NMU Global Campus, students receive strong support from the university, including 24/7 access to course materials and expert tutors.