Earn your Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) to Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Degree Online

Earn your Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) to Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Degree Online 

Accredited Online MLT to MLS Degree

MLS Degree | Program Highlights

NMU’s Online MLT to MLS program is designed with working lab technicians in mind. The increase in need for those with a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science is expected to continue at least through the end of the decade.

100% of Didactic Course Online

Flexible, Rigorous Curriculum

Receive Credit for Prior Learning

Finish in as Few as Two Years

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What Will You Learn in NMU’s MLT to MLS Degree Online?

This undergrad program is built for busy lab professionals who have already earned an MLT associate degree from an NAACLS accredited institution. Topics designed to help you advance your career include:

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Clinical Practice
  • Microbiology

  • Hematology

  • Immunohematology

  • Genetics

  • And advanced topics in each including practicums in chemistry, hematology, and immunobiology.

How much does and online Medical Laboratory Science degree cost at NMU?

The full program costs vary depending on student status. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, and loans, based on eligibility. A financial aid representative can help you make decisions about how to pay for college. Contact:  fao@nmu.edu or 906-227-2327

Medical Laboratory Science Careers

NMU’s MLT to MLS bachelor’s degree will prepare you to perform a variety of laboratory assays on human and other types of specimens in clinical, research, commercial and forensic laboratories

Source: indeed.com, 2021

Senior Medical Technologist




Forensic Analyst


Online MLT to MLS Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to comply with the regular admission requirements for NMU’s global campus. Students must have a current and unencumbered ASCP MLT certification and an associate degree from a NAACLS accredited MLT program or equivalent.

  • Two years full-time* medical laboratory technician experience in an accredited clinical laboratory** within the last four years to include:  blood banking, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology and urinalysis/body fluids


  • Agrees to enroll in a full or partial clinical practicum if missing experience in any or all laboratory areas:  The clinical practicum includes up to 20 weeks total: 4 weeks in hematology, 4 weeks in clinical chemistry, 5 weeks in microbiology, 5 weeks in blood bank (with serology), and 2 weeks discretion of Supervisor with Program Director approval.

Completed attestation form and copy of ASCP MLT certification must be submitted to cls@nmu.edu or via online form.

Enrollment eligibility is based on CLS Advance Placement Criteria. AP credit may be given for clinical experience in accordance with program policies.  See Policy Manual for Senior Practicum Advanced Placement:  Laboratory Medicine requirements.

*Full time experience is defined as a minimum of thirty-five (35) hours per week.  Individuals who have part-time experience may be permitted to utilize prorated part-time experience to meet the work experience requirements.  For example, if you are employed 20 hours per week for one year, your experience would be computed as 20 divided by 35 multiplied by 52 weeks, or the equivalent of 29.7 weeks of full-time employment.

**CMS CLIA certificate of registration, compliance, accreditation; OR TJC accreditation; OR CAP Accreditation; OR COLA Accreditation; OR Accreditation under ISO 15189

To qualify for the bachelor’s degree, students must fulfill the following requirements: Complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit in residence at Northern Michigan University, excluding advanced placement credit. Transfer students must earn a minimum of eight credits in each major and four credits in each minor.  For additional bachelor’s degree requirements, click here.

MLT to MLS Curriculum

Total Credits Required 126-128

General Education 30-40

CLS 202 Clinical Chemistry 4 credits
CLS 214 Diagnostic Microbiology 3 credits
CLS 244 Clinical Microbiology and Blood Bank Simulation Laboratory 4 credits
CLS 250S Clinical Practice 1 credits
CLS 250T Clinical Practice 2 credits
CLS 251 Clinical Hematology Practicum 3 credits
CLS 252 Clinical Chemistry Practicum 4 credits
CLS 253 Blood Bank Practicum 3 credits
CLS 401 Hematopathology 3 credits
CLS 402 Advanced Clinical Chemistry 2 credits
CLS 403 Advanced Immunohematology 2 credits
CLS 404 Advanced Clinical Microbiology I 2 credits
CLS 436 Medical Genetics 4 credits
CLS 451 Advanced Clinical Hematology Practicum 3 credits
CLS 452 Advanced Clinical Chemistry Practicum 3 credits
CLS 453 Advanced Clinical Immunohematology Practicum 4 credits
CLS 454 Advanced Clinical Microbiology Practicum 4 credits
*See Clinical Laboratory Science Major for a complete list of required courses.

Online Track: Online Option Available to Global Campus Students Only*** 14 credits
CLS 412 Clinical Biochemistry 3 credits
CLS 413 Advanced Clinical Immunology 3 credits
CLS 414 Advanced Clinical Microbiology II 3 credits
CLS 426 Clinical Molecular Diagnostics 3 credits
CLS 489 ASCP MLS Certification Exam Preparation 2 credits

***Track Prerequisites: Students eligible for this track must be enrolled in the NMU Global Campus, be ASCP MLT certified, and hold an associate degree from an NAACLS accredited MLT program or equivalent and have two years of full time medical laboratory technician experience in an accredited clinical laboratory in the last five years. Students must have completed at least 3 credits of chemistry course with a laboratory component and 3 credits of biology with anatomy and physiology. Enrollment eligibility is determined based on CLS advance placement criteria.

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