“We are trying to keep the same kind of interactive assignments, the same level of professor to student interaction, and the same level of exposure to experimental design that we expect in our face-to-face classes.”

Dr. Jon Barch, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Student Stories: BS in Psychology Degree Online

When you think of studying psychology, do you think of lab experiments, conducting surveys and research, and testing hypotheses? We do. NMU’s Department of Psychological Science embraces the dynamic nature of the field and delivers the program 100% online to students in a way that encourages them to think critically, learn-by-doing, and prepare a plan for a future career. Learn tips for online learning success.

The curriculum includes PSY 160 Seminar for Psychology Majors, which facilitates a space for students to explore career options in the psychology field and fosters peer-to-peer mentoring relationships with graduate students. Additionally, students will be guided through the steps to create an effective resume/CV specific to the field.

“I have had some of the most intriguing conversations and uplifting feedback from professors and students in support of continuing my educational career. Dr. Jeevar, professor of psychology, has impacted my view on education in many positive ways. He is open-minded, always positively giving feedback and pushing students to think outside the box and leave their mark. My time with NMU has been exceptional and I look forward to continuing my education with them.”

Bonneta Little

Highlights of the program are the online laboratory components which are designed to be highly interactive The labs give students the opportunity to conduct and participate in experiments and collect and analyze data internally and compared to national statistics. One course includes a lab kit that is mailed to each student so they can conduct experiments in their home. As the program grows, courses are developed to reflect more of what is happening nationally in our society and culture. For example, a course on social cognition studies the implicit systems in the brain and how the human brain can work within the ability of mindfulness.

Students can enter the workforce with a bachelor’s degree. For those that wish to continue on to graduate level work, especially related to clinical counseling, NMU offers a fully online Master of Social Work (MSW) that is a natural next step for those studying from a distance. Students that wish to enroll in an on-campus graduate program can choose between the Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis and MS in Psychological Science or the MSW.

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