Going Back to School: NMU Helps Adult Students Reach Their Goals

“Is 40 too old to make a life change and become a student again? It wasn’t for me. I was a one-time Wildcat who left in the late ’90s because I experienced a little bit more of college than of actual classes. After I left school, the pursuit of a degree was always a “best intention,” but then life happened,” reflects Jeff Ferrington, a current student in the applied workplace leadership online bachelor’s program. “A career, growth in that career, and a family pushed my best intention of finishing my degree to a ‘well, maybe’.”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The average age of an NMU Global Campus student is 35 years old, and 66% of all enrolled students are at least 30 years old. Jobs, kids, committees, boards, hobbies, practices – any combination of commitments are likely to be significant obstacles for someone at this stage in life. So, while the feelings and thoughts that flood your mind when you think about adding school to an already busy schedule are real, the NMU Global Campus is designed to make that addition possible.

Here are three reasons why students hesitate to continue or complete their education and how NMU sets them up for success.

My life is already busy – I can’t imagine adding school to my schedule. 
As a Global Campus student, you’ll benefit from enrolling in flexible courses that allow you to complete schoolwork when it’s convenient for you. Many courses are accelerated and facilitate quick degree completion.

I didn’t do well the last time I went to college. How will learning online with NMU be different? 
You’ll be assigned an expert and dedicated academic advisor that will help you determine a plan for your success. The Global Campus also offers personalized enrollment advising and 24/7 online tutoring services.

 I’m nervous about online learning. I think I prefer the face-to-face experience.
We incorporate the academic rigor and personal connection that are hallmarks of NMU’s in-person courses into the online learning environment. Ask questions, connect with professors, and engage with classmates at times that work best for you.

Flexible Online Programs Help Adults Return to School

“Eventually, something stirred in me to go back and finish. It’s not easy to take an already busy schedule and cram degree pursuit in as well. My wife and girls have turned into Wildcat supporters, understanding that this goal is important to me, so in turn, it’s also important to them.”

Jeff Ferrington, Current Student | Applied Workplace Leadership | Macomb, MI


The Global Campus is committed to delivering exceptional, flexible, online programs for busy adults just like you. Your academic history, work experience, and regular commitments are unique. That’s why we prioritize personalized enrollment counseling and academic advising to keep you on track to reach your educational goals. Connect with the Global Campus Team, today, to find a plan that fits your needs (906) 227-1200, online@nmu.edu.