Northern is committed to supporting students no matter what life situation they find themselves in and the unrest and uncertainty throughout the last few months are no exception. Our faculty are actively working to prepare for how the impact of current events may affect students in their learning. Dr. Stacy Boyer-Davis, assistant professor of accounting in NMU’s College of Business and Extended Learning and Community Engagement (ELCE) Scholar, begins her four-part series for faculty addressing trauma and its possible effects on learning. We’re sharing this with you so you can know that we are mindful of how the impacts of the last few months and the uncertain future might affect you and that we are prepared to help.

Weekly Topics
1. Define trauma, describe its pervasiveness, and explain the effects on learning and development
2. Recognize signs of trauma in our students
3. Apply teaching practices to work effectively with those experiencing trauma
4. Develop competencies to avoid secondary traumatic stress when working with trauma-affected learners. 

You can read Dr. Boyer-Davis’s first installment: defining trauma, describing its pervasiveness, and explaining the effects on learning and development, here: