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Effective Email Communication Tips

Email Communication Tips Writing an effective email doesn't have to be a mystery. Even though the lines between professional and informal emails are easily blurred, it is important to train yourself to choose the appropriate tone for your audience, whether it's faculty, staff, or fellow students.  ...

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Math Placement 101

Although NMU does require math competency as a graduation requirement for all bachelor's degree-seeking students, your academic history will determine whether or not you'll need to take a placement test. All students must take the online Math Placement Test unless you meet one of the following ...

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Pre-Admission Plan of Study

Whether you have prior NMU credit or are transferring college-level credit from a different institution (or many for that matter), you can receive an unofficial degree evaluation from the NMU Global Campus before you even apply. You'll receive an estimate of how many credits remain ...

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Online Course Preparation Tutorial

All students enrolled in an online course with NMU for the first time are required to complete the Online Course Preparation Tutorial for Students. You'll become an expert at navigating NMU's online classroom environment, EduCat, through a series of online modules designed to help you be ...

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Tips for Online Learning Success

Your engagement with the university should not be minimized because you are an online student. Many Global Campus students work with staff and faculty long before they are admitted and have an opportunity to build relationships that can last beyond graduation. Below are some tips to ...

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Planning for Graduation

Whether you're heading into your final semester or you are just getting started, you have the same end goal - graduation. Here are some FAQs we get from students who are planning for graduation: How do I register for graduation? If you plan to graduate ...

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How to Identify Course Formats

Online, Hybrid, or Face-to-Face Starting a course search can be overwhelming. In a previous post, we reviewed how to optimize your course search, but it is also important to know how to interpret the results you find. The Registrar's Office has created a Course Key ...

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