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Pre-Admission Plan of Study

Whether you have prior NMU credit or are transferring college-level credit from a different institution (or many for that matter), you can receive an unofficial degree evaluation from the NMU Global Campus before you even apply. You'll receive an estimate of how many credits remain ...

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Imposter Syndrome in Students

Imposter syndrome or the imposter phenomenon reflects a belief that you’re incompetent or incapable despite demonstrating skills and abilities that prove otherwise. Sound familiar? Returning to college after several years away from the textbook grind can intensify these feelings. Although they don't try to let on ...

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After-Hours Crisis Counseling

Northern Michigan University has partnered with Health Advocate™ to offer students online crisis counseling services outside of traditional business hours. Counseling topics include, but are not limited to, suicide prevention, domestic violence awareness, mindfulness, putting yourself first, alcohol awareness, mental health awareness, and stress management. ...

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