• A successful NMU global campus student writes in her planner after reading her college advice.

How to Succeed in College

'Get a planner.' To some, this sounds good in a moment of chaos and might even creep toward inspiring for a split second, but often it falls flat. Along with several other phrases that can be categorized as 'easier said than done,' we've compiled a ...

2024-07-11T09:53:47-04:00August 21, 2020|Resources, Study Tips|
  • A close-up of someone holding a pen to a textbook as they study for a final exam at NMU.

Exam Week Study Tips

Final exams aren't just any test. They are the culmination of a semester's learning and usually a significant percentage of your overall grade. Whether you're looking to improve your grade or keep a 4.0, we put together some study tips that will help you as ...

2024-07-11T12:14:29-04:00April 23, 2020|Study Tips|
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